Schedule removing of old files in desired locations!
Set up periodic cleanings of your equipment. You can schedule to delete files in certain folders, when they have not been used for a period of time, this way you can free up disk space and keep computers running fast and smoothly!
Accurate geolocation even when the WiFi is off
No more need to worry about the WiFi being turned off and affecting the geolocation of your devices. With our new feature that automatically turns on the WiFi you will have the location of your computers as long as this option is activated. And don't worry about attacks, while the WiFi is on we prevent all possible attacks through this network.
Prevent slow computers due to full hard disks!
Find out how the storage of your hard disks are now in the Storage Configuration tab. You will also be able to see the disk slots and their specific storage capacities. Prevent your disks from becoming full and therefore your computers slow!
Lock your devices remotely
The new lock device option will allow you to lock any device you want at any given time. When the user turns on the computer with the locked disk, the device will ask for the recuperation key in order to be unlocked; these keys will only be found in the Boardgent console. Even if the disk is placed in another computer it will remain locked until the right key is typed. Your computers are safer than ever!
Do you know how healthy the batteries of your computers are?
Find out the state-of-health of your batteries under the hardware inventory section to understand if the bad performance of your computers has to do with the battery degradation.
Lock your Windows computers remotely in case of loss or theft.
When you identify unauthorized access to your computers, someone reports a theft, or you need to dismiss an employee, remotely block access to the machine to prevent information leaks.
Don't put your information at risk by leaving sessions open after minutes of inactivity.
If you leave your Boardgent account open, don't worry. We close your session after minutes of inactivity.
Enable the automatic logout in roles' settings.
Do you want to activate BitLocker on your computers, but their TPM chip is not enabled?
With Boardgent, you can remotely enable the TPM chip on your computers in minutes. Go to our executions section, and under the BIOS management tab, you’ll find the button called “Change TPM chip configuration.”
Customize the local administrator password you want to manage at Boardgent.
By default, Boardgent manages the password of the built-in administrator account. If you use another local account as the administrator, now you can configure it in the settings of the devices groups.
Our remote desktop tool is now available for Linux. Try it now and share your experience!
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