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Easily find the password you’re looking for
Whenever something goes wrong with your computer, and you need to restore a backup you did in the past, or a snapshot of a virtual machine, with Boardgent, you can filter your passwords history by date range and find as soon as possible the one you're looking for.
Improve your computers’ log audits by asking the reason to request a security local password.
Ask your IT team members the reason for requesting a local password to audit the processes they're performing and identify unauthorized accesses.
Filter your executions by multiple variables
Now, you have several ways to audit the executions made on your computers. Filter logs by device, date range, action executed, process stage, and user!
Uninstall software that your company no longer use
If you're looking to massively uninstall software that you no longer use, such as McAfee or Onedrive, use Boardgent to do so. We will add other applications as soon as our users request them.
Manage your computers’ security passwords
Now you can manage the Windows administrator, BIOS, and UEFI passwords directly from the Boardgent cloud console. Expire the password whenever you need it, configure the passwords' length and complexity, and automatically change it frequently. The log audits will show you who uses or changes the password and the date and time when it happened.
Use more detailed hardware information to diagnose the status of your computers' security.
Find new information in the hardware inventory section, such as hard drive partitions and configurations, to determine if you can encrypt your computers with BitLocker.
Also, use the boot order to identify if the order of the listed devices suits the corporate security policies to prevent unauthorized users from loading an operating system from an external drive and stealing confidential information.
Configure the permissions of your team members in a customized way
Before, you needed to assign your team members to platform-defined roles. Now, we list all the permissions individually for you to create your own.
Do you need to create a system partition to enable BitLocker?
Remotely create a system partition in your devices by executing it in the OS Management section.
Available information about installed disks in your computers
Find in the inventory section detailed information on the installed disk in your computers, its size, health, serial and partition type (MBR or GPT). Also, identify all the partitions the disk has, their size, and if they meet the requirements to be encrypted.
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